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F1 fantasy league

Driver lineup
Race calendar
[Image: screencapture-masterracecar-forumactif-t...-49-55.jpg]

This has been quiet for some time, maybe partially because the season is not so interesting this year. 

I will end this at the summer break, so two more weekends left to lock the prize   1860791280

Results are very close.

gemini 2+4=6
iceelord 2+1+2=5
datboi 2+1=3
GRUBER 3+3=6
I am not eligible to win, so first place belongs to GRUBER (cinekos). Gongratulations!  4056648763

Since there were only four participants, only winner will get a prize. 

This time the prize is unofficially official handmade MRc T-shirt (proven to get your lap times down).

Winner is being contacted now.

The t-shirt is here. Thank you very much. Even though it's a little bit loose on me, the t-shirt looks very good (my face not so much xddd).

Cheers everyone :)

I'm not responsible for aby health issues after seing this photo

[Image: IMG-20190807-152336.jpg]

Looking good! That puts a big smile on my face.  3004240196

In Gemini's eyes that tshirt was an extra small.

I can give you my diet and it will fit perfectly by the weekend

(08-07-2019, 04:57 PM)gemini 95 Wrote: I can give you my diet and it will fit perfectly by the weekend
With the amount of beer im drinking recently, im gonna catch up with you quite soon   3042645098

Hehe, great photo. I envy t-shirt you have, congratulations :D

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