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FBM Saturday

Could just put all track names (including custom tracks) into a random generator to get the next track, and then the following week take out any tracks we've raced at already that season. Could help stop the repetitive nature of track choice.

Also ban all crashers who hit the tires and crash other people out. cough cough Gemini.

(11-27-2019, 07:48 PM)Red Bottoms Wrote: all track names (including custom tracks) into a random generator
I like this too. I can put a poll up later to decide the most controversial rules.

(11-28-2019, 02:56 AM)Simon Wrote: Also ban all crashers who hit the tires and crash other people out. cough cough Gemini.
Request denied. Icon_biggrin

Not how you should drive under blue flag. Takes multiple people out, not spectating while on roof in the middle of the track (typing "wtf" instead). Out of the next race.


Holy fuck this is the worst behaviour under blue flags I've seen

Season one (2019) has finished.
Points table

Video links: Race 1  Race 1  Race 2  Race 3  Race 15  Race 17  Race 18  Race 24  Race 25  Race 27  Race 29  Race 30  Race 34

The first season consisted of 39 races. We had 290 different drivers joining the races, while the season average per race was 29 drivers.

Second season (2020) starts right away in FE Gold. Please see the league page for upcoming rounds.

Events are now starting 30mins earlier. This means that Qualify will start at 20:00 UTC/GMT. 

Server will go private when the qualifying starts. Password is bigfoot

Qualifying will now be in "single shot" format. This means outlap followed by one hotlap. Spectate when you have done the hotlap.

Race director will command drivers (with in-game chat) to track one by one, approx. 20 seconds apart.

If you crash on outlap or get taken out by an outlap car, you can have another shot in the end.

Track will open for 5 minutes when all the runs are completed.

Target race length is 40 minutes. Laps are set accordingly.

One pitstop is necessary, no pitwork required.
Default LFS ruling applies (30s penalty if you pit on last lap. DSQ if you don't pit at all.)

Drivers with most top20 finishes from season one have priority when choosing a track. List can be found here.

Up'ed this on Discord but in case people actually read this forum beforehand -

@MRc @gemini @[MRc] Ricky @MRc Lukas @MRc Bish  I have taken the time out of my night schedule to quickly refurbish and revamp the Aston X Cadet layout that is being used for the Saturday FBM today. A more smooth and kerbed chicane, smoother exit points, rounder walls and a safer pit entry. Polished it up for you guys - if you have a supad/server admin, he/she can choose to load it in :-)

*Layout is attached in MRc Discord, can also find it attached in my layout thread (I'm leaving it there so no one loses it)
Cheers guys

[Image: 4554c80fc2f318a2bf4d09fdf71859dd.png]
[Image: 0e05f3c10d69dfb71d16a59ec3700733.jpg]

Thanks for taking the time, it's uploaded now

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