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Beginner server (Only for new drivers to gain exp and !tm to join the other servers)

(Admin) Only kick and ban from this server after multiple warning unless they are crashing on purpose then ban them instantly.

If quick drivers decide to race here and get crashed then more fool them for racing on the beginner server.

Formula FBM
Main race server 
(Admin) As normal on this server warn, kick, ban (Unless its a serious offence when you can skip to kick or ban when required.

Formula PRO
As the name suggests PRO racing server.
You will require 200exp points to join this server a time lock will probably be added at 1.13.
(Admin) Same again but I would not expect many problems on this server.

I Like this a lot, nice :)

As said in first post, [MRc] Beginner BMW is open for new players. These two servers have the following locks currently:

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

As the 1st post says; I was racing on the beginner server, and accidentaly crash into an admin, and I hadn't recieved a warning by them and was kicked and threaten to be banned

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