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Boyz4fun - [MRc] Beginner BMW crasher

My ingame nickname: Pinger
My LFSW nickname: deadmartinius96

His ingame nickname: Boyz4fun (same as LFSW name)
His LFSW nickname: Boyz4fun

Place of incident: [MRc] Beginner BMW
Track: Blackwood Long
Date: 15th October 2020, 15:05 - 15:10 (Amsterdam time)

What happened:
I joined race. In second lap when I came to T1 corner, player named Boyz4fun came from pits (from garage) and haven't respected information about don't join track!
He also haven't respected blue flag and he rammed ma few times and then when i tried to pass him, he spins me out form track.
Server for security reasons put me to spectator mode, so I lost whole race because of crasher that simply respawned in garage moments later... 
He haven't replied to any of my messages that I sent to him about what he did...
He is crasher that doesn't care about anyone on server...
MPR video evidence is available at:
Thanks for solving this problem, Pinger.
[Image: zeox7hf.png]

so, nothing?
No reply, no solution?
Okay, I go crash other player, thanks.
It looks like it is fair.

Nice attitude mate,

Fine nobody has replied in 5 days but no need to get shitty.

Sorry for not responding... After reviewing the mpr its is obvious that he did that on purpose, which can happen often when theres no members of team online. Also beginner server has alot of traffic which comes and goes and of course there will be some not fair guys.. I can give him a warning not to do that when hes on server next time and after that he will get a cooldown if he continues. Again sorry for not responding..

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